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  • Do not send in money for competitive registration. Cost will be determined once team has been selected and season schedule has been finalized.
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    I HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE London Ramblers Basketball and all other association, coaches,event organizing bodies, sanctioning bodies, and sponsoring companies and all their respective agents, officials, servants, contractors, representatives, successors and assigns OF AND FROM ALL claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action, whether in law or equity, in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to the applicants person or property, HOWEVER CAUSED, ARISING OR TO ARISE by reason of the applicants participation in this program whether as a spectator, participant, competitor or otherwise, at any time. AND NOT WITHSTANDING that same may have been contributed to or occasioned by negligence of any of the aforesaid.

    This agreement shall bind heirs, executors, assigners, and representatives. I FURTHER HEREBY UNDERTAKE TO HOLD AND SAVE HARMLESS and AGREE TO INDEMNIFY all the aforesaid from and against any and all liability incurred by any or all of them arising as a result of or in any way connected with the applicants participation with London Ramblers Basketball.

    I WARRANT that the applicant is physically fit to participate in and be involved in the basketball program.

    I hereby agree that my child's name and photograph may be used in associated photographs for London Ramblers Basketball promotional material.


  • Where a player transfers from one OBA club to London Ramblers Basketball, the cost of the transfer fee is the responsibility of the player and must be paid in full prior to the player being placed on the OBA roster.
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  • We DO NOT accept e-transfers or credit cards.
    • Cheques made payable to London Ramblers Basketball
    • Absolutely no refunds once session starts
    • $25.00 administration fee for cancellation from program before session starts
    • We DO NOT accept credit cards

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    London Ramblers Basketball
    960 Bradshaw Cres
    London, Ontario N5X 0B6