London Ramblers Basketball – Athletes Code of Conduct

I understand that as part of a team, my teammates and my coaches are affected by my behaviour and attitude. I am prepared to commit myself to my team, work hard at practice, and give my best-efforts during games.

  1. I will show respect and appreciation for my coaches and club.
  2. I will show respect for my opponents, opposing coaches, and the decisions of officials and encourage my teammates to do the same. I will control my temper. Verbal abuse of others or deliberately provoking an opponent is not acceptable.
  3. I will respect the rights of others and avoid the use of derogatory language based on gender, race, religion or impairment.
  4. I will not make negative comments on any social media networking site about or to other players, teams, organizations or referees.
  5. I will encourage my teammates when I am on the floor and on the bench.  I will focus on their efforts and performance, rather than on winning and losing.
  6. I will not ridicule or criticize my teammates for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  7. I will be generous when I win and gracious when I lose.
  8. I treat all players as I would like to be treated.
  9. I will respect the use of facilitates and equipment provided.
  10. I will arrive at all games and practices on time to the best of my ability and manage my time as best I can to avoid conflicts with games and practices.
  11. I will immediately report any injury to my coaching staff.
  12. I have discussed this contract with a parent or guardian and agree to abide by the expectations set out above.
  13. I understand that a breach of this code can lead to my removal from my team.

I have read and understand the Code of Conduct for Players and agree to abide by its provisions.  I understand that if I have questions regarding this policy, I will consult my coaches or London Ramblers Basketball.